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About Nora


Nora was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. After moving to Canada at the age of 19, she completed a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Victoria. She spent the next 11 years working as a tree planter in BC and travelling the world in her off-seasons. For the last 4 years, Nora has been living in the Greater Vancouver area. She has recently completed a Master of Library and Information Studies degree at UBC. While she does not tree-plant anymore, she is still an outdoor enthusiast, and spends most of her free time doing outdoor activities in the Fraser Valley.

Photography has been part of Nora’s life for over 10 years. She has done wedding, event, family, and food photography (besides taking photos simply for fun and self-development). She absolutely loves every part of the photographic process: taking the photos, culling, editing, and in the end, presenting her images. And when she is working for a client, she enjoys the customer service aspect just as much as photography itself!

Why hire a photographer?

Photography is more than just taking a bunch of photos with a good camera. Professional photographers pay attention to the composition and lighting of each and every photo, and control aperture, exposure time, and ISO manually. They carefully review hundreds or even thousands of photos from the day to select only those on which every subject looks great. They then edit those images and deliver you an album of beautiful, professional-quality photos.

Contact Nora:

Email: noravarga@outlook.com

Phone: 250-415-6490

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